[13/03/2003] - new developer
I'll take this opportunity to welcome Offir Gonen to the project, and thank him for his kind offer of help, the dev team will consist of me and Offir for the time being. You can contact us in the forums

[13/03/2003] - 3d engine news
Ok work has finally begun on the games engine, it has been in the planning stages for a while now. The engine will be based on SDL/OpenGL, I decided that this would be best for the future of the game as It will mean that the game will be able to be ported to linux (hopefully) - I'm not a linux user but i'm sure there will be people willing to port the code at a later date :)

[12/03/2003] - new site
Welcome to the new site for stunt producer, all updates will be posted here. I'm no web developer or photoshopper by any means but I think it turned out ok. You can be the judge of that though. I created it in dreamweaver and fireworks mx, which are very nice tools, if a bit expensive.

  the original stunt island    
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